Q. What will I do in a BuggyBabes class?

Our classes are designed to cater for the needs of all new mums

We combine powerwalking to burn fat with resistance and body weight exercises for the upper and lower body.

We also spend some time towards the end of the class working on core stability and posture alignment. More important than ever since having your baby. The class has a functional aspect too, designed to help you adapt to the demands of caring for your baby or toddler.

You'll take the class at your own pace so don't worry about keeping up, the exercises will be suitable for mums with newborns and mums with toddlers and the next on the way!

Q. I had my baby 4 weeks ago, can I start coming to BuggyBabes?

You need to have had your post natal 6-8 week check from the doctor before you can come to a BuggyBabes class, just to check everything is healing before commencing a structured exercise programme. This recovery time is essential to ensure your uterus has retracted back into the pelvis, bleeding and discharge have stopped and stitches have healed.

Q. I had a caesarean delivery, can I come to BuggyBabes?

You certainly can, but it is advisable to wait a further few weeks following your postnatal check (I advise between 8-12 weeks after the delivery of your baby).

Q. What does my baby do whilst I'm exercising?

In an ideal world baby will sleep peacefully in the pushchair or sit and gurgle at silly mummy doing all these funny exercises! As I know myself, babies and small children are unpredictable! So don't worry. Before you come, make sure baby is fed, dry and warm. Bring a few toys with you to amuse baby and a few snacks and a drink for a toddler but if you need to stop and comfort baby, or change a nappy, go for it!

Q. What if it's raining?

A bit of rain doesn't stop us! Please just bring a rain cover for your buggy and a rain coat for you. If the weather is really bad, we'll get in touch before the class starts to let you know we've been rained off!

Q. Do I need to bring any special equipment to the class?

Aside from bringing yourself, your baby and your buggy, please bring a towel or mat for exercising on in the summer and a bottle of water for you. Wear loose comfortable clothing and trainers. It's best to wear layers as even on the coldest days you'll get hot once we start up those hills! Before coming for the first time please complete a BuggyBabes Screening Form and bring it along with you.

Q. Do I need a particular type of buggy

Nope, as long as it's got 3 or 4 wheels and baby is securely strapped in, it should be just fine.

Q. How much do the classes cost?

£16 for 4 sessions with a first 'taster' session free. Payment by cash or cheque. Cheques payable to Beccy Salmon.