Derby's ultimate fitness classes for new mums!

No time to exercise now you have a baby? Buggybabes is the answer.

Our classes are social, fun and will give you the chance to meet other new mums. Suitable for all levels of fitness, Buggybabes is the perfect way to help you adjust to the physical demands of looking after a new baby and regain your fitness.

The classes take place on Monday (2-3pm), Tuesday (1:45-2:45pm) and Thursday (10:30-11:30am) in Derby's beautiful Darley Park.

Please join us by booking a placeThe first class is free.

Our classes combine cardio (fat burning) and strength training (toning) elements. They involve lots of pushing to burn the calories and banish the baby weight interspersed with resistance & body weight exercises to tone the whole body.

Please remember to bring a completed BuggyBabes Screening Form with you if you can!